A Little Pick Me Up

I am doing this thing where I am making more an effort to treat Jesus like my best friend. Well, ya know friendships involve conversations about dreams and worries and regrets and passions and little exciting things throughout the day. You know up’s and down’s of life. As I started talking about these things, out loud and on paper, I kept going back to my worries. All my fears about the future. All my what if’s and why not’s and when will’s. I felt sad. I felt left out and left behind. I felt ripped off honestly. Why wasn’t this and that happening on my time and blah blah blah. I felt low.

And this little burst of encouragement STRAIGHT from Jesus came out of no where and lifted my spirits to the highest place–

Jeremiah 31:3-4

And from far away the Lord appeared to the people and said “I love you people with a love that will last forever. That is why I continue to show you kindness. People of Israel, I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt. You will pick up tambourines again and dance with those who are joyful”

WOW. Hope just punched me right in the heart! Check out this 3 part PROMISE Jesus makes to me (and you)::

1. I am LOVED. L O V E D forever. Love that doesn’t run out of kindness. Or patience. Or GRACE.

2. I am at a low point right now maybe but I WILL be rebuilt. God is going to rebuild me. He doesn’t leave me hanging at the end of myself. He shows up and picks me up and brings me back. “No matter where we are we’re close to the Father’s heart”. He promises to never leave me and He promises to never leave me broken.

3. Not only will He build me back up, He promises JOY. And dancing! And celebration! Oh my, do I love a good dance party.

Soooo today might stink. This season on life might be weirder and harder than what you thought and life is rough sometimes.. but ya’ll. I. Will. Be. Rebuilt. And I just know whatever God is building is so so soo much better than I could ever even imagine.

Here starts my tambourine search.

xx. Austyn


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