The Flames Never Bothered Me Anyways

Isaiah 43:2 >> When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

This little run on sentence of a verse speaks volumes to me. So much to cling to in Hope there but also a pretty huge promise of pain. What can you do with something like that? You WILL walk through fire. Ouch, okay. Not something I necessarily want to deal with/be a part of.

I like the easy part of being a life. I like the part when God sprinkles His blessings down on my life and the sky is blue and everything fits together like my dream life says it should. I like when I can speak of love and joy because it’s a daily emotion for me. I like promises of happiness and ease.

But I’m human though, so this is never 100% the case with my heart. This world is so broken, so lost. We are so broken. We are lonely and bitter and hold hatred in our hearts. We feel pain some of the time whether it’s our thoughts screaming we aren’t worthy of him or an outside source telling us we aren’t cool enough to talk to or be seen with. We know pain, all sorts of pain, all too well.

This verse though says something about all of that. It’s promising pain. Well thank you Jesus, but I can see that I will feel pain like pretty obviously! Welcome to my life!

Yes you will feel sadness, loneliness, anger, unworthiness. You will have to deal with rough waters. You will know pain. You will cross rivers and feel like you’re drowning. You’ll be broken. You will walk through fire.


But the water won’t take you down. The flame won’t burn you. The waves won’t overwhelm you.

Everything else in the world can be crashing down and you can feel real pain and think it’s over because the flames are too much and you can’t deal with it anymore, but Jesus didn’t die on the cross and overcome death for you to burn n a broken world. He promises that you will make it.

The flames will never consume you! This world will never beat you. Pain will never ever win.

You have to know and believe that with all your heart.

Pain and fear and death and anger and jealousy and hatred and loneliness and hurt have been defeated.

It might suck soo so bad. I promise I can probably relate in some way or another, but guys. Jesus has your back. He isn’t going to let you go. He didn’t create you for pain but He created you to be bold within in the flames and stand strong in Faith knowing that this is simply part of your story. Your story that ultimately points to Jesus and redemption and grace everlasting.

Yeah the flames suck. But ya know I need a tan anyways so BRING IT ON.

xx. Austyn


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