If You Find This Email

If You Find This Email is a collection of anonymous emails sent from around the world. Some tell the tales of heartbreak and others share the happiness in letting go and just being happy, if nothing else.

Ya’ll. This website is INCREDIBLE. Here’s a little email I found that like, hit me. Hit me hard, man.

“I missed him as soon as we first said hello. I knew then that he would never truly be mine. The chase continued, but why was I the only one doing the chasing?

Sad thing is, he’s the kind of guy I would have given up plans for, moved out of town for, changed my ways for, and more. I loved him so deeply that it even tested my own logic, like a natural disaster. “Why can’t we be more? Why do you only want me late at night when you’re lonely?” No answer. Instead we blare the music loud and let the lyrics scream all the things that we can’t say to one another.”


goooooo right now and read more! how can I feel so connected to so many random strangers from so many random places? the world is big but we all feel the same.


youre welcome.

xx. Austyn


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