Cloudy Skies

It’s 11:30 at night. Why am I awake ugh! Because it’s so hot in my room. So I go outside because it’s unfortunately colder outside than my room (again ugh). I’m minding my own business, watching Mindy Project and I look up to see no stars in the sky. Not a one. What! Where are they?! That sucks I love the stars. The night sky is like, my favorite creation God made.

It’s cloudy. It’s cloudy and the stars are hidden behind the clouds.

and it hit me.

Ya’ll. we are stars! All of us. Beautiful. Shining little lights. Always there, no matter what.

But it’s gets cloudy. Things happen. Circumstances change. People leave. Friends lie and leave us out. We get dumped. Work sucks. Our family life isn’t awesome. We get overwhelmed by the life and the stuff around us we often get hidden. Our light dims.


We are still stars! The clouds don’t change us. The people don’t break us, we still stand! God made us to shine and to be bright. He also made our circumstances. He is in charge of these clouds and I promise you, the clouds that surround you and me right now were not made to shut us off or hide us. They were made to make us brighter somehow.

We still gotta shine through the clouds. That’s the point. We can’t change and get lost in the mess, but must remain bright and remain ourselves. That’s the point. That’s what we were made for.

To shine, always.

So this awkward probably crappy post I typed up on my phone right now is to let you know loud and clear: you, you bright, glittery, shiny, beautiful little star, you were not made to hide behind the clouds!! but to shine through them. The clouds will come and go. But you will stay. And you will shine.

Night night sweet dreams don’t let the bed bugs bite!

xx. Austyn


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